Everything You Will Need to Know Prior to Buying Silver Coins

Is silver going to surpass gold in 2017? Silver might generate better returns, says Maxwell Gold, director of investment strategy for ETF Securities. In 2017, silver can rise to $23 an ounce and see a 30% gain.

But this can be confusing for people who are first-time investors. Your hard earned money can all go down the drain if you aren’t careful when investing.

What steps to take before purchasing silver?

What sort of silver should I purchase? (Silver can be purchased in forms of silver or silver).

Should I purchase in large or smaller quantities?

What laws and regulations can affect my purchase?

Next, you will need to learn how to buy and how to store silver coins.

What to Buy?

If you had purchased $100 worth of silver in 1971, in the modern marketplace this will valued at $1200.

New investors mostly find themselves purchasing rare, collectibles or vintage coins when intending to invest in silver. These coins hold historic significance but aren’t really meant for investment purposes. The Perfect silver coins to purchase are Silver American Eagles, Silver Canadian Maple leafs, APMEZ 1oz Fine Silver Rounds, Morgan Silver Dollars and Austrian Silver Harmonics to name a few

For new investors, there is also a sub-category called „semi-numismatic“, which holds about 99.99% pure coins. To buy of silver coins, you should:-

Know the spot price to Find out the market value

Conduct a thorough search with a reputable dealer

Ensure the dealer has a buyback coverage

How to shop?

Someone can easily hold $50,000 or 2.6 pounds values on gold in their hands. $50,000 worth of silver will be 189 pounds and require 10 shoeboxes.

These coins can be kept in a safe at home or at a financial institution.

When using a home safe, owners need to be sure its :


Durable – able to hold at least 300-500 pounds

Fireproof, waterproof and airtight – for security in case of emergencies

If investors are choosing to store the silver in safe, make sure that the safe is hidden in your dwelling. One of the safest choices is an underground vault or floor safes with carpeting over to conceal it.

Silver is forecasted to rise in value after the recent changes in the US political scenario, and by China’s increasing demand for silver will certainly mark 2017 as a fantastic year for purchasing silver.

Are you planning to invest in silver? Let us know.